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At Glendale CC, we've been committed to solid tine aeration for over 5 years, with great results. However we still couldn't solve our issues with bridging of sand in the holes. Once we used the Aer-Aider attachment and aerated over dry sand, we were able to fully incorporate sand into all the holes, and eliminate the bridging problem for good. We're now able to get more sand into our profile, with less effort, less labor, and we've also eliminated the rutting that occurs from dragging in the sand afterwards. It's been a game changer for us during aeration.

Steve Kealy, Superintendent, Glendale Country Club

We began using the Aer-aider at Inglewood Golf Club during our spring 2020 aeration, and have continued to use it since. We found that as solid tine aeration became our preferred practice, the addition of the Aer-aider in our process, reduced the amount of traffic on the greens, and thus reduced tire ruts, compromised aeration holes and additional wear. When working with dry sand, the Aer-aider greatly improved the incorporation of sand into the holes and the turf canopy. Most importantly, we’ve found that our greens have returned to a playable status more quickly than in prior years. When used as part of the aeration process, Aer-aider has become a valuable asset for us during this critical cultural practice.

Greg Matz, Superintendent, Inglewood Golf Club

We purchased one of the first Aer-Aiders produced and have found it to be very helpful with our aeration procedures.
We use it for both our Spring and Fall aerations, as well as our in-season venting process after a light top dressing. The Aer-Aider’s spreading capabilities provide a consistent sand application into holes with a thick top dressing, and uniformly brushes sand into the canopy while we vent. As a result, we confidently manage our greens organic matter with less effort.

Mark Krick, Superintendent, City of Lakewood Golf