Courtesy of Roch Gaussoin, PHD

The research by Roch Gaussoin, PHD on Organic Matter Management is changing the way we think about aeration. His work resulted in one particularly interesting find, solid tine aeration is equal to or better than core aeration simply due to the hole quality produced by a solid tine vs a hollow tine. The solid tine method allows for better incorporation of sand into the hole. It begs the question, why pull a core if the real solution to organic matter management is in the dilution of the soil medium?

By using Aer-Aider while you solid tine, you ensure maximum incorporation of sand, immediately filling holes and eliminating the bridging that occurs from traditional core aeration. Fill every hole, save hours of labor, and eliminate ruts left by dragging sand afterwards. Aeration is hard, we can make it a HOLE lot easier!

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