Michael Goldsberry has spent his entire career in golf course maintenance dating back to 1990. After over eight years of working at high end private golf clubs, he first became a Superintendent at age 24 at a small nine hole golf course in 1999. It was there that he developed a strong desire for efficiency in order to get the job done right with less; that mindset still remains today. Since 2004, Michael has been the Superintendent at a prestigious private golf club on Bainbridge Island, WA. One day Michael asked his Equipment Technician, Marty Stickels, if he could build an attachment for their  ProCore 648 so that sand could be put into aeration holes while solid tining greens. Marty delivered! Marty is a lifelong technician and engineer with a vast background in auto, marine, and now golf for the past six years. Together, they work tirelessly to get the job done right with less effort and fewer resources; Aer-Aider embodies everything they’re about.

Upon the first time using their new invention, Aer-Aider LLC was born and shortly thereafter a patent application was filed. Aer-Aider is a steel framed brush attachment with dual opposing down pressure springs and ball joints that allow the brush to constantly hug the surface, brushing sand into holes immediately after being made. This eliminates the dreaded bridging of holes and rutting of greens that occurs from having someone drag the sand after aerating. You only get a couple opportunities each year to fill your aeration holes fully with sand; Aer-Aider ensures the job is done right, saving you hours of labor. If you solid tine, then you'll want Aer-Aider attached to your machine!