The Aer-Aider attachment was an idea by Michael Goldsberry, brought to life by Marty Stickels, his equipment manager. Michael had become committed to solid tine aeration as the preferred method for incorporating sand into aeration holes. He was greatly influenced by the work Roch Gaussoin was doing with regards to reducing organic matter. If the solution was dilution, Michael needed to get this done quicker, easier, and better. The Aer-Aider brush attachment was devised, and eventually granted a US Patent for design and method of incorporating sand into aeration holes.

If you choose to solid tine over dry sand, the Aer-Aider is a must have in your tool kit. This simple device hugs the contours of your green and brushes 75% of the sand immediately into the holes on your pre-top dressed green. This process eliminates the dreaded bridging that occurs from driving tires over holes before dragging sand into them. After the green is aerated with an Aer-Aider brush, all that's left to do is blow or roll and brush the green to get the remaining sand into holes, never needing to take tires on the green and creating ruts. 

Aer-Aider is also a must have when venting greens. Superintendent's that desire a light top dressing before venting won't have to drag the sand afterwards; your job will be done with each pass.  If you're looking to achieve some grain management, then you can simultaneously brush your bent or bermuda grass surfaces while venting, never needing to drive on the green.

Your greens will thank you for not punishing them and your members will be happy to see them recover quickly while retaining their firmness.  Take the next step to reducing OM and speeding up your aeration process with an Aer-Aider attachment.